Code of Ethics


The Leonberger Club of New Zealand  –  Code of Ethics 

#1        Members agree to co-operate and support the philosophies of The Leonberger Club.

#2        Members are encouraged to read and familiarise themselves with the Leonberger                  standard (NZKC).

#3        Members shall refrain from unnecessary and unconstructive criticism of another                  person’s dog and from personal attacks on fellow members.

#4        Novices are encouraged to seek the advice and assistance of more experienced                        owners and breeders. The more experienced shall assist the novice, for the good of                the breed.

#5        Members agree to educate the public and represent the breed honestly and                              correctly at all times.

#6       Members shall give their dog/s proper care, a healthy environment and good                        nutrition at all times.  Animal Welfare is of the utmost importance and the 5                           freedoms should be adhered to;

  • Freedom from thirst and hunger
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom from fear or distress
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour

#7            Members shall be diligent in the handling of their dogs in public places and shall do so in a manner to minimise risk of trauma or danger to itself, any other human being or animal.

#8           Members shall not allow their dogs to roam at large unsupervised, nor become a public nuisance.

#9           Regards Euthanisation: Members agree to adhere to the conditions as agreed within their Sales Contract.

#10          In all questions of ethics, covered or not by the Code, the individual member shall act soley in the best interest of the breed and the membership as a whole shall aid any fellow member in upholding these rules.

In accordance with TLC Constitution  15 15.2.2 membership will be cancelled if it is considered that any of the above points have been breached and/or deliberately flouted.