The Leonberger club exists for you, its members, and it is our hope that you can identify with and make some of the following statements:

  • The people within the club are interested in helping each other.
  •  There are people in the club willing to share their vast knowledge and experience about the breed.
  •  The help and advice offered regards showing my dog was appreciated.
  •  I was given good advice on managing a giant dog with spirit.
  •  It’s great to know I can join even though I don’t own a Leonberger.
  •  A club member gave me sound advice on nutrition and care for my dog.
  •  I really enjoy the organized water trials and fun days.
  •  The quarterly newsletter is a wonderful read. (see samples)
  • I am now good friends with some of the members I have met. 

Fees:       Single  $20       Family $40 (2 adults+ 2 children)      Overseas members NZD 10.00

Our financial year is 1st April – 31st March and we have a “FREE for first Year” offer for all new applicants. There are activities and social events organised around the countryside for our members and every quarter you will receive a fantastic 20+ page newsletter packed with snippets and stories – all Leo related of course.

We are proud to be part of the Leo community internationally and any relevant issues about our majestic breed will always be shared with you.

Anyone favorable to the objectives, ethics and rules of the Club shall be eligible for Membership. If you would like to become a member or to renew your membership with The Leonberger Club, NZ then please fill out the contact form.  CLICK HERE